Extremadura Bird Guide

Guía de aves de Extremadura


If you are looking for a Extremadura bird guide (person), in this article you can find some key information. If you are looking for a Extremadura bird guide (in paper), here you can also find some valuable information. On the one hand, although this website is not an atlas or a bird guide, I try to give some tips to differentiate the most similar species. On the other hand, the option of hiring a bird guide in Extremadura can be very interesting. A guide knows the terrain in detail and will help you find the species you are looking for.

How to learn to identify the birds of Extremadura?

Rapaces de ExtremaduraIf we go to an area that we do not frequent or if we are just starting out in birdwatching, it is likely that we will have some difficulty in identifying birds. My recommendation is to buy a paper atlas or bird guide. It is very important that you invest time in familiarising yourself with the different species.

Birdwatching in their natural habitat is essential and we will have to spend many hours to be able to identify them with a certain accuracy… However, as difficult as it may seem, as the days go by and the hours accumulated, it will become easier and easier to do so. Simply by the position of the wings, the habitat in which they are found, the time of day, the season of the year… All this will give us clues as to which bird we are dealing with.

What are the best bird guides?

There are many very complete guides. I would recommend Aves de España by Eduardo de Juana and J. Valera and Svensson’s Guía de Aves de España, Europa y región mediterránea. However, there is a lot of high quality material on the market. They are guides to the birds of Extremadura and the whole peninsula, in fact the latter includes birds from all over Europe. I think it is important to take the time to look through the guide, read the information about each bird and of course look at the pictures and illustrations. It is always going to be much easier to identify a bird on paper than in the field…. But if we are not able to identify it from a photo, we will hardly be able to do so in reality.

On the other hand, there are several useful websites and APPs. The website of SEO Birdlife of course it is key but there are also more recent websites that can help you a lot like EBIRD.

I recommend always going to the field with either a paper or digital guidebook and every time you make a sighting and think you have identified a species, corroborate it with the guidebook. At first it can be a bit cumbersome but there will come a time when we will not need the guidebook. We will know “by heart” 95% of the birds we see on each outing.

Why hire a Extremadura bird guide?

Extremadura bird guide
Watching a group of black storks

When you have a limited amount of time to visit a particular area, you always want to make the most of it. Hiring a guide will always help you to make the most of this time, investing it in the most productive areas. They will also be able to show you spots that you would never discover on your own and, above all, know which are the best places to visit at any given moment.

For example, there may be an extraordinary area to see waterfowl in winter but not in spring. Many birds are migratory and if we do not know the seasonality of their movements we can waste our time looking for them. And of course, there are some very elusive birds that, without the help of a guide, would be very, very difficult to locate. All this is coming from a person who loves to investigate, to discover new areas by himself. I spend hours looking at google maps, searching for paths and trails to reach certain areas…

Extremadura bird guide
Black storks in the nest

Googling will always help us, but there is a lot of information, a lot of experiences, a lot of knowledge that we will never be able to find in google. This website focuses on the fauna of Extremadura, so if you need help, please do not hesitate to contact Birding in Extremadura and they will be delighted to help you. On this website you can also find an article with the best areas for birdwatching in Extremadura. I hope this article will serve you as a birding guide and that you will enter this exciting world. Once you get in, there is no way out…

Extremadura bird guide

In the last few years we have been able to observe birds in Extremadura on a regular basis that were not observed years ago. It is difficult to find them in many of today’s guidebooks. For this reason we have decided to make available to you this completely updated list with all the birds that we can observe in Extremadura today. If you click on each one you will find images and a brief description.


Spanish name (link)  Latin name  English name
Abejaruco Común
 Merops apiaster  European Bee-eater
Abejero europeo
 Pernis apivorus  European honey buzzard
 Upupa epops  Hoopoe
Acentor Alpino
 Prunella collaris  Alpine Accentor
Acentor Común
 Prunella modularis  Dunnock
Agachadiza Chica
 Lymnocryptes minimus  Jack Snipe
Agachadiza Común
 Gallinago gallinago  Common snipe
Agateador Común
 Certhia brachydactyla  Short-toed Treecreeper
Águila Culebrera Europea
 Circaetus gallicus  Short-toed Eagle
Águila Imperial Ibérica
 Aquila adalberti  Spanish Imperial Eagle
Águila Pescadora
 Pandion haliaetus  Osprey
Águila Real
 Aquila chrysaetos  Golden Eagle
Águila-azor Perdicera
 Hieraaetus fasciatus  Bonellis Eagle
Aguililla Calzada
 Hieraaetus pennatus  Booted Eagle
Aguilucho Cenizo
 Circus pygargus  Montagus Harrier
Aguilucho Lagunero Occidental
 Circus aeruginosus  Marsh Harrier
Aguilucho Pálido
 Circus cyaneus  Hen Harrier
Aguilucho Papialbo
 Circus macrourus  Pallid harrier
Aguja Colinegra
 Limosa limosa  Black-tailed Godwit
Alcaraván Común
 Burhinus oedicnemus  Stone-curlew
Alcaudón Común
Lanius senator  Woodchat Shrike
Alcaudón Dorsirrojo
 Lanius collurio  Red-backed Shrike
Alcaudón Meridional
 Lanius meridionalis  Iberian Grey Shrike
Alcotán Europeo
 Falco subbuteo  Hobby
Alimoche Común
 Neophron percnopterus  Egyptian Vulture
Alondra Común
 Alauda arvensis  Sky Lark
Alzacola Rojizo
 Cercotrichas galactotes  Rufous-tailed Scrub-robin
Anade Friso
 Mareca strepera  Gadwall
Anade Rabudo
 Anas acuta  Northern pintail
Anade Real
 Anas platyrhynchos  Mallard
Andarríos Bastardo
 Tringa glareola  Wood Sandpiper
Andarríos Chico
 Actitis hypoleucos Common Sandpiper
Andarríos Grande
 Tringa ochropus  Green Sandpiper
Ánsar Comun
 Anser anser  Greylag Goose
Archibebe Claro
 Tringa nebularia  Greenshank
Archibebe Común
 Tringa totanus  Common Redshank
Archibebe Fino
 Tringa stagnatilis  Marsh Sandpiper
Archibebe Oscuro
 Tringa erythropus  Spotted Redshank
 Garrulus glandarius  Eurasian Jay
Autillo Europeo
 Otus scops  Scops Owl
Avefría europea
 Vanellus vanellus  Peewit
Avetorillo Común
 Ixobrychus minutus  Little Bittern
Avetoro Común
 Botaurus stellaris  Great Bittern
Avión Común
 Delichon urbicum  House Martin
Avión Roquero
 Ptyonoprogne rupestris  Crag Martin
Avión Zapador
 Riparia riparia  Sand Martin
Avoceta Común
 Recurvirostra avosetta  Avocet
Avutarda Común
 Otis tarda  Great Bustard
Azor Común
 Accipiter gentilis  Northern Goshawk
 Scolopax rusticola  Eurasian woodcock
Bengali rojo
 Amandava amandava  Red avadavat
 Panurus biarmicus  Bearded Tit
Bisbita Alpino
 Anthus spinoletta  Water Pipit
Bisbita Arbóreo
 Anthus trivialis  Tree Pipit
Bisbita Campestre
 Anthus campestris  Tawny Pipit
Bisbita Pratense
 Anthus pratensis  Meadow Pipit
Búho Campestre
 Asio flammeus  Short-eared Owl
Búho Chico
 Asio otus  Long-eared Owl
Búho Real
 Bubo bubo  Eagle Owl
Buitre Leonado
 Gyps fulvus  Griffon Vulture
Buitre Negro
 Aegypius monachus  Monk Vulture
 Cisticola juncidis  Zitting Cisticola
Busardo Ratonero
 Buteo buteo  Common Buzzard
Buscarla Pintoja
 Locustella naevia  Grasshopper Warbler
Buscarla Unicolor
 Locustella luscinioides  Savi’s Warbler
Calamón Común
 Porphyrio porphyrio  Purple Swamp-hen
Calandria Común
 Melanocorypha calandra  Calandra Lark
Camachuelo Común
 Pyrrhula pyrrhula  Common Bullfinch
Canastera Común
 Glareola pratincola  Collared Pratincole
Cárabo Europeo
 Strix aluco  Tawny Owl
Carbonero Común
 Parus major  Great Tit
Carbonero Garrapinos
 Parus ater  Coal Tit
Carraca europea
 Coracias garrulus  European Roller
Carricerín Común
 Acrocephalus schoenobaenus  Sedge Warbler
Carricero Común
 Acrocephalus scirpaceus  Reed Warbler
Carricero Tordal
 Acrocephalus arundinaceus  Great Reed Warbler
Cerceta Carretona
 Anas querquedula  Garganey
Cerceta Comun
 Anas crecca  Eurasian teal
Cernícalo Primilla
 Falco naumanni  Lesser Kestrel
Cernícalo Vulgar
 Falco tinnunculus  Common Kestrel
Charrán Común
Sterna hirundo  Common Tern
Charrancito Común
 Sterna albifrons  Little Tern
Chochín Común
 Troglodytes troglodytes  Wren
Chorlitejo Chico
 Charadrius dubius  Little Ringed Plover
Chorlitejo Grande
 Charadrius hiaticula  Great Ringed Plover
Chorlitejo Patinegro
 Charadrius alexandrinus  Kentish Plover
Chorlito carambolo
 Charadrius morinellus  Eurasian dotterel
Chorlito Dorado
 Pluvialis apricaria  European Golden Plover
Chorlito Gris
 Pluvialis squatarola  Grey Plover
Chotacabras europeo
 Caprimulgus europaeus  European Nightjar
Chotacabras cuellirrojo
 Caprimulgus ruficollis  Red-necked Nightjar
Chova Piquirroja
 Pyrrhocorax pyrrhocorax  Red-billed Chough
Cigüeña Blanca
 Ciconia ciconia  White Stork
Cigüeña Negra
 Ciconia nigra  Black Stork
Cigüeñuela Común
 Himantopus himantopus  Black-winged Stilt
 Coturnix coturnix  Common quail
Cogujada Común
 Galerida cristata  Crested Lark
Cogujada Montesina
 Galerida theklae  Thekla Lark
Colirrojo Real
 Phoenicurus phoenicurus  Common Redstart
Colirrojo Tizón
 Phoenicurus ochruros  Black Redstart
Collalba Gris
 Oenanthe oenanthe  Northern Wheatear
Collalba Negra
 Oenanthe leucura Black Wheatear
Collalba Rubia
 Oenanthe hispanica  Black-eared Wheatear
 Philomachus pugnax  Ruff
Cormorán Grande
 Phalacrocorax carbo  Great Cormorant
Corneja negra
 Corvus corone  Carrion crow
Correlimos Común
 Calidris alpina  Dunlin
Correlimos de Temminck
 Calidris temminckii  Temmincks Stint
Correlimos Gordo
 Calidris canutus  Red Knot
Correlimos Menudo
 Calidris minuta  Little Stint
Correlimos Tridáctilo
 Calidris alba  Sanderling
Correlimos Zarapitín
 Calidris ferruginea  Curlew Sandpiper
Críalo Europeo
 Clamator glandarius  Great Spotted Cuckoo
Cuco Común
 Cuculus canorus  Common Cuckoo
Cuervo grande
 Corvus corax  Common raven
Curruca Cabecinegra
 Sylvia melanocephala  Sardinian Warbler
Curruca Capirotada
 Sylvia atricapilla  Blackcap
Curruca Carrasqueña
 Sylvia cantillans  Subalpine Warbler
Curruca Mirlona
 Sylvia hortensis  Western Orphean Warbler
Curruca Mosquitera
 Sylvia borin  Garden Warbler
Curruca Rabilarga
 Sylvia undata  Dartford Warbler
Curruca Tomillera
 Sylvia conspicillata  Spectacled Warbler
Curruca Zarcera
 Sylvia communis  Common Whitethroat
 Taeniopygia guttata  Zebra finch
Elanio Común
 Elanus caeruleus  Black-shouldered Kite
Escribano Hortelano
 Emberiza hortulana  Ortolan Bunting
Escribano Montesino
 Emberiza cia  Rock Bunting
Escribano Palustre
 Emberiza schoeniclus  Reed Bunting
Escribano Soteño
 Emberiza cirlus  Cirl Bunting
 Falco columbarius  Merlin Esmerla
Espátula Común
 Platalea leucorodia  Eurasian Spoonbill
Estornino negro
 Sturnus unicolor  Spotless starling
Estornino pinto
 Sturnus vulgaris  Common starling
Faisán vulgar
 Phasianus colchicus  Common pheasant
Flamenco común
 Phoenicopterus roseus  Greater Flamingo
Focha común
 Fulica atra  Eurasian coot
Fumarel Cariblanco
 Chlidonias hybrida  Whiskered Tern
Fumarel Común
 Chlidonias niger  Black Tern
Gallineta común
 Gallinula chloropus  Common moorhen
Ganga Ibérica
 Pterocles alchata  Pin-tailed Sandgrouse
Ganga Ortega
 Pterocles orientalis  Black-bellied Sandgrouse
Ganso del Nilo
 Alopochen aegyptiaca  Egyptian goose
Garceta Común
 Egretta garzetta  Little Egret
Garceta Grande
 Egretta alba  Great White Egret
Garcilla Bueyera
 Bubulcus ibis  Cattle Egret
Garcilla Cangrejera
 Ardeola ralloides  Squacco Heron
Garza Imperial
 Ardea purpurea  Purple Heron
Garza Real
 Ardea cinerea  Grey Heron
Gavilán Común
 Accipiter nisus  Eurasian Sparrowhawk
Gaviota cabecinegra
 Ichthyaetus melanocephalus  Mediterranean gull
Gaviota cana
 Larus canus  Common gull
Gaviota patiamarilla
 Larus michahellis  Yellow legged gull
Gaviota reidora
 Chroicocephalus ridibundus  Black-headed gull
Gaviota sombría
 Larus fuscus  Lesser black-backed gull
Golondrina Común
 Hirundo rustica  Barn Swallow
Golondrina Dáurica
 Hirundo daurica  Red-rumped Swallow
Gorrión Chillón
 Petronia petronia  Rock Sparrow
Gorrión Común
 Passer domesticus  House sparrow
Gorrión Molinero
 Passer montanus  Tree Sparrow
Gorrión Moruno
 Passer hispaniolensis  Spanish Sparrow
 Corvus monedula  Jackdaw
Grulla Común
 Grus grus  Common Crane
Halcón Peregrino
 Falco peregrinus  Peregrine Falcon
Herrerillo Capuchino
 Parus cristatus  Crested Tit
Herrerillo Común
 Parus caeruleus  Blue Tit
 Carduelis carduelis  European goldfinch
Lavandera Blanca
 Motacilla alba  White Wagtail
Lavandera Boyera
 Motacilla flava  Yellow Wagtail
Lavandera Cascadeña
 Motacilla cinerea  Grey Wagtail
Lechuza Común
 Tyto alba  Barn Owl
 Carduelis spinus Siskin
Martín Pescador
 Alcedo atthis Common Kingfisher
Martinete Común
 Nycticorax nycticorax  Night Heron
Milano Negro
 Milvus migrans  Black Kite
Milano Real
 Milvus milvus  Red Kite
Mirlo Capiblanco
 Turdus torquatus  Ring Ouzel
Mirlo Común
 Turdus merula  Blackbird
 Cinclus cinclus  Dipper
 Aegithalos caudatus  Long-tailed Tit
Mochuelo europeo
 Athene noctua  Little Owl
Morito Común
 Plegadis falcinellus  Glossy Ibis
Mosquitero Común
 Phylloscopus collybita  Common Chiffchaff
Mosquitero Ibérico
 Phylloscopus ibericus  Iberian Chiffchaff
Mosquitero Musical
 Phylloscopus trochilus  Willow Warbler
Mosquitero Papialbo
 Phylloscopus bonelli  Bonelli’s Warbler
Obispo coronigualdo
 Euplectes afer  Yellow-crowned bishop
 Oriolus oriolus  Golden Oriole
Pagaza Piconegra
 Sterna nilotica  Gull-billed Tern
Pájaro Moscón
 Remiz pendulinus  Penduline Tit
Paloma bravía
 Columba livia  Rock dove
Paloma torcaz
 Columba palumbus  Common wood pigeon
Paloma zurita
 Columba oenas  Stock dove
Papamoscas Cerrojillo
 Ficedula hypoleuca  Pied Flycatcher
Papamoscas Gris
 Muscicapa striata  Spotted Flycatcher
Pardillo común
 Linaria cannabina  Common linnet
Pato Colorado
 Netta rufina  Red-crested Pochard
Pato Cuchara
 Anas clypeata  Northern shoveler
Lucinia svecica Bluethroat
Perdiz roja
Alectoris rufa Red-legged partridge
Petirrojo Europeo
 Erithacus rubecula  Robin
Pico de coral
 Strilda astrild  Common waxbill
Pico Menor
 Dendrocopos minor  Lesser Spotted Woodpecker
Pico Picapinos
 Dendrocopos major  Great Spotted Woodpecker
 Coccothraustes coccothraustes  Hawfinch
Pinzón Real
 Fringilla montifringilla  Brambling
Pinzón Vulgar
 Fringilla coelebs Common Chaffinch
Piquituerto Común
 Loxia curvirostra  Common Crossbill
Pito Real
 Picus viridis  Green Woodpecker
Polluela Bastarda
 Porzana parva  Little Crake
Polluela Chica
 Porzana pusilla  Baillons Crake
Polluela Pintoja
 Porzana porzana  Spotted Crake
Porrón Europeo
 Aythya ferina  Common Pochard
Porrón Moñudo
 Aythya fuligula  Tufted Duck
Porrón pardo
 Aythya nyroca  Ferruginous Duck
 Gypaetus barbatus  Bearded vulture
 Cyanopica cyanus  Azure-winged Magpie
Rascón Europeo
 Rallus aquaticus  Water Rail
Reyezuelo Listado
 Regulus ignicapilla  Firecrest
Reyezuelo Sencillo
 Regulus regulus  Goldcrest
Roquero Rojo
 Monticola saxatilis Rock Thrush
Roquero Solitario
 Monticola solitarius  Blue Rock Thrush
Ruiseñor Bastardo
 Cettia cetti  Cetti’s Warbler
Ruiseñor Común
 Luscinia megarhynchos  Rufous Nightingale
Serín verdecillo
 Serinus serinus  European serin
Silbón Europeo
 Anas penelope  Eurasian wigeon
Sisón Común
 Tetrax tetrax  Little Bustard
Somormujo Lavanco
 Podiceps cristatus  Great Crested Grebe
Tarabilla Común
 Saxicola torquatus  Common Stonechat
Tarro blanco
 Tadorna tadorna  Common shelduck
Tarro canelo
 Tadorna ferruginea  Ruddy shelduck
Tejedor común
 Ploceus cucullatus  Village weaver
Terrera común
 Calandrella brachydactyla  Greater short-toed lark
 Jynx torquilla  Eurasian wryneck
Tortola común
 Streptopelia turtur  European turtle dove
Tortola turca
 Streptopelia decaocto  Eurasian collared dov
 Lullula arborea  Woodlark
Trepador azul
 Sitta europaea  Eurasian nuthatch
 Miliaria calandra  Corn bunting
 Pica pica  Eurasian magpie
Vencejo cafre
 Apus caffer  White-rumped swift
Vencejo común
 Apus apus  Common swift
Vencejo pálido
 Apus pallidus  Pallid swift
Vencejo real
 Apus melba  Alpine swift
Verderón común
 Chloris chloris  Greenfinch
Zampullín común
 Tachybaptus ruficollis  Little grebe
Zampullín cuellinegro
 Podiceps nigricollis  Black-necked grebe
Zarapito real
 Numenius arquata  Eurasian curlew
Zarcero políglota
 Hippolais polyglotta  Melodious warbler
Zorzal alirrojo
 Turdus iliacus  Redwing
Zorzal charlo
 Turdus viscivorus  Mistle thrush
Zorzal común
 Turdus philomelos  Song thrush
Zorzal real
 Turdus pilaris  Fieldfare